Suite 703 Story 1

Liam is a third year student, he is studding a journalism on Stanford University. He have nice looking strong body, wide shoulders, strong arms, juicy butt and huge cock between his legs. When he came from a small town, central Texas, to California he had an epiphany. During the period of high school he always felt like an intruder, like he don’t belong there. Nevertheless in high school he had tree girlfriends, one real relationship and two girls for one night. He had sex with only one of them and it was ok, nothing special, deep inside he knew it could be much better.


When hi came in California for the studies, the he first guy he met was Ethan. Ethan helped him to see who he really is and he showed him the basic things in gay sex. For the first time in his life Liam was one complete person. Once he got out of the closet he started to live his life fully, he start dating other guys. Everything was just fine he discovered the world of gay bars and gay clubs. His relationship with Ethan was over, but they stayed good friends till these days. Ethan was proud because he was the one that helped Liam to come out. On the beginning of the third semester Liam saw a new guy in campus. There was something strange about this kid, he always sits alone, he doesn’t speaking with other people and there is no smile his face. On some level Liam saw a picture of himself one years ago. From that moment on he knew he must do something, he must find some way to help him. Liam asked him if he would like to join him for a cup of coffee later in the evening after the classes. Poor kid was afraid and confused, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t realized that Liam will soon change his whole life. Later in the evening they met and they went for a coffee in the pub next to the campus. There, for the first time, Liam heard that guys name is Owen.


They came for a coffee, but somehow they ended up with ten shots of bad tequila. After pub they went in Liam's apartment and they had some more bad tequila. After two shots of tequila in apartment, Liam start touching and kissing Owen. He stood up with a stupid expression on his face and hard cock in his pants. He didn’t know what to do next. Liam said "don’t say a word, just relax and let the magic happen". After this words Owen sat back and start kissing Liam. Few minutes later they were naked on the bed. Liam took Owens's cock and he put it deep inside his mouth. Owen start screaming in ecstasy, he was so near to cum. Like a real experience lover Liam stopped just a moment before Owen will cum. Liam turned him and took him from behind, he putt his huge cock in Owens's tight ass. One long yeeees came from Owen mouth, soon after he shouted please fuck more. Liam fucked him hard. After five minute they changed roles, now it was Owen who fucked Liam's ass with his large cock. Owen fucked him just the way he loves. In the end they cum on each other mouth and face.