Suite 703 Story 2

Dylan is a 100% gay guy. He has only one goal in his life, to turn straight guys in gay. He is twenty two years old and he already accomplished quite big successes.

Dylan is nice looking guy, he has a nice athletic body, strong back and shoulders, curly dark hair, very big cock and tiny tight ass. He is a gay since he can remember, he had his first real gay experience when he was fifteen. Since that time he helped many guys to come out. He loves to feel cock getting hard in his mouth, he loves hardcore fuck. Two days ago Dylan was set on a new task. There is a good looking guy, his name is Johnny. Dylan think, even more he believe, he has a great potential to become gay.


Actually Johnny is a gay, but he don’t know that yet. At first look Johnny is a typical guy, not very smart, but with nice looking body, wide shoulders, strong arms and huge cock.  Johnny is a bit a gambler man. He made some bad bets and now he is in the big trouble. Bookies are looking for him, he must pay, otherwise they will make an example of him. There is a tiny problem, Dylan don’t have ten bucks in his pocket. Currently he is hiding at his friends house, he knows if they find him he will end up in a hospital with broken ribs and probably broken arm, that's the best way scenario. Even then he will still owe them the money. Johnny is always acting like a big player but there were no girls around him. Dylan has a gay radar installed in his brain, and he is working red like crazy when Johnny is around.  Dylan offered him to take all of his debts for a small price, one night sex with him. At first Johnny was pissed, but after some time and a bit of manipulative persuasion by Dylan, Johnny said yes. He had only one condition, no one can ever know about that. Quite reasonable wish, Dylan said yes. Next day in the evening Johnny came as they agreed. At first he was very confused and nervous. In one moment he almost run. For this special occasion Dylan a bottle of the best tequila that money can buy.


From his own experience he knew it's much easier first time with some alcohol in the blood. After five shots of tequila Dylan start kissing and touching him. Johnny stood like a log, doing nothing. Dylan kissed his neck and start going down. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Dylan put Johnny's cock in his mouth and he felt it rising up. Johnny never though he will liked it. As the inexperienced lover as he is he came without warning. He cum allover Dylan's mouth. After that Dylan took down Johnny's pants and start fucking him in the tight ass. Few minutes later he cum allover Johnny's back. Tomorrow all the debts were gone and Johnny finally realized that he is 100% gay.