Suite 703 Story 3

Good looking Noah with a wide strong back, nice curly hair, juice butt and huge cock between his lags have only one mission in life. He wants to become the famous gay porn actor in the world. He already did some amateur home made videos, but he never had a chance to participate in a real studio movie. He lives in LA. For his future career this is very god place to live. He is a hardcore sex fan.


He loves to feel huge and hard cock going deep inside his tight ass. He loves to give blowjobs, in the same time he loves when guy suck his cock. He applied in several studios and finally after two months he got a call. He have to come for an audition. They saw his photos and they think that they may have a small role for him. He was so excited and happy that he couldn’t sleep night before audition. First they took some extra photos of him and his cock. And then they did the interview. The same day they called him to tell him the he passed, and that he need to come back tomorrow for some test shooting. Finally his dreams are coming to the life. He came back tomorrow morning in the studio. They gave him a partner and ask him to do the improvisation, to relax and to give his best. And he did it!!! His partner was some guy called Max. Noah approached him and gone down on his knees. Noah took his huge cock and put it deep in the mouth. He start sucking it like crazy with huge passion. After five minutes Max was ready to cum, but a moment before he did, he put out his cock of Noah's mouth. Now it was his turn to suck Noah's cock. He did it like a true professional. In the half way, Noah grabbed his head and start fucking him in mouth. This little special touch that Noah did brought him a positive points. After mouth fucking Max spread his legs and Noah put his huge cock deep inside his tight ass. Noah banged his ass for ten minutes without stopping. Again he got positive points for endurance. Now it was Max turn to fuck Noah. He took him from behind and start fucking Noah's little ass.


Noah was screaming in ecstasy, he begged for more and he asked Max to fuck him harder. Once again Noah got positive points, this time for performance. After ten minutes of fucking Max cum allover Noah's face and mouth. Now it was Noah's way to cum. Max gone down on his knees one more time and start sucking Noah's cock. After ten minutes of perfect blowjob Noah had orgasm. He put white cream allover  Max' face and mouth. People from production were more than satisfied. Noah got the role. This was his first role, but not the last one. New star is born and his name is Noah.